Low ESR obtained by using conductive polymer electrolyte.
Suitable as a decoupling capacitor, because its impedance has ideal frequency characteristics.
Suitable as a smoothing capacitor, enabling miniaturizing switching power supplies, because it allows large ripple current.
Suitable as a backup capacitor for the circuits that consume large current at a high speed.
Pb-free Compliant
All the models are completely Pb-free and RoHS compliant products.
Long life.
Some special series can be expected 50,000h life at 85°C, suitable for long-operating industrial equipments.
Superior temperature characteristics.
Its ESR has stable characteristics at a temperature from -55°C to 105°C (partly 125°C), suitable for applications used at low temperatures (under 0°C).
Wide capacitance range from 1μF to 2700μF.
An array of various series covers wide capacitance range.
High voltage, high reliability.
High reliability products have achieved the highest rated voltage 35V and the guarantee of 85°C*85%RH(SVPD series), suitable for automotive and industrial equipments.

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Portfolio of polymer capacitors

  • Voltage vs. capacitance
    Voltage vs. capacitance
  • ESR vs. capacitance
    ESR vs. capacitance
  Rated voltage (V.DC) Rated capacitance (μF) ESR (mΩ) Ripple current*
(A r.m.s.)
SP-Cap 2-35 10-560 3-40 3.2-10.2
POSCAP 2-35 2.7-1500 5-400 0.36-6.1
OS-CON 2-100 3.3-2700 5-260 0.66-7.2
Hybrid 25-80 10-560 11-120 0.5-4.0

* OS-CON : at ambient temperature 105°C

Dimensions and Reliability
  Height (mm) Capacitor area (mm2) Endurance (Max)
(Rated voltage applied)
Damp heat (Max)
(Rated voltage applied)
SP-Cap 1-1.9 31.4 125°C1000h ---
POSCAP 0.9-3.8 2.5-31.4 125°C1000h ---
OS-CON 5-13 18.5-106 125°C2000h 85°C85%1000h
Hybrid 5.8-10.2 33.6-106 150°C1000h
OS-CON Radial lead type

Ideal for applications that require the
high-voltage, high-capacitance.

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