Features : Surface mount type

ECPU (A) series achieves extreme downsizing & large capacity by forming plastic dielectric materials by vacuum vapor deposition.

While ordinary film capacitors use ready-made plastic films as dielectrics, the ECPU(A) series has reduced the thickness of dielectrics by more than half of previous products by forming dielectrics by the vacuum vapor deposition of plastic resin.
As a result, the series has achieved significant downsizing and larger capacity over previous products.

  • ECPU(A) series
  • Dielectric material: Plastic resin

    ECPU(A) series

  • Conventional product [ECHU(X) series]
  • Dielectric material: PPS

    Conventional product [ECHU(X) series]

The ECHU (X) and ECWU (X) series solve chip standing problems during reflow with their improved electrode structure.

While parts with a small size and mass are likely to experience chip standing during reflow mounting, the ECHU(X) and ECWU(X) series are constructed with external electrodes with a large surface area to prevent this phenomenon.
The chip standing failure rate has dropped significantly.

  • ECHU(X) series
  • ECHU(X) series image

  • Conventional product [ECHU(B) series]
  • Conventional product [ECHU(B) series] image

The ECHU (X) and ECWU (X) series guarantee THB 500 h even without resin coating.

The adoption of new vapor deposition technologies for the ECHU(X) and ECWU(X) series has significantly improved the adhesive force of their inner electrodes to the film (aluminum vapor deposition film), thereby suppressing the oxidation deterioration of the inner electrodes. This has allowed these series, although uncoated, to achieve a THB-based guarantee (85ºC, 85% RH, WV, 500 h)