GraphiteTIM (Compressible Type)

Panasonic highly crystallized graphite, high reliability, easy installation,
unprecedented thermal interface material

GraphiteTIM transfers heat generated from the power device to the heat sink with its excellent thermal interface material,
it is possible to extend the lifetime of the device and improve the work efficiency and contributing to total cost reduction.

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  • Low thermal resistance
  • High reliability
  • Easy to handle
  1. Low thermal resistance

    GraphiteTIM provides as good low thermal resistance as grease even though sheet material.

    ■Thermal resistance compared to grease with different thermal conductivity
     (Thickness of grease is 100 μm)

    低熱抵抗 graph

    Measuring instrument: TIM Tester ( ANALYSIS TECH, ASTMD5470 compliant )

    ・Provide thermal resistance equivalent to grease.

  2. High reliability

    GraphiteTIM maintains high reliability for a long period compared to a grease because of its property of hardly changing thermal resistance.

    ■Negative impact on the reliability due to pump out phenomenon

    Negative impact on the reliability due to pump out phenomenon image

    Pump-out test Heat cycle ( -40⇔100°C )
    Material Initial 120 times Deterioration
    (Thermal resistance)
    Grease Grease Initial Grease 120 times after Significantly deteriorated
    GraphiteTIM GraphiteTIM Initial GraphiteTIM 120 times after Slightly deteriorated

    ・Pump-out does not occur and characteristic does not deteriorate much.

  3. Easy to handle

    GraphiteTIM is easy to handle and control, such as inventory control, repair, and processing, since it is a sheet type product.

    ■All you need to do is fix with screws

    All you need to do is fix with screws image

    ・GraphiteTIM eliminates the need for an application process.
    ・Customization, such as hole making, and repair work are available.

Reference: Comparison with conventional PGS

●Thermal resistance comparison

Thermal resistance comparison image

●Power module

Power module image

・High compressibility property helps to reduce contact thermal resistance due to better fitting to uneven surface

Recommended applications

For cooling/heat transfer of electronic devices that generates heat, such as power module.

  • Inverters and converters
  • Car-mounted camera, motor control unit, automotive LED, luminous source of laser HUD, medical equipment
  • Base station, Server

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