Time-lagged UV Curing Adhesive "Fine Glue"


  • For UV protection panel
    Applicable to site where light hardly reaches after assembly
  • Low temp./Short cycle time
    Curable in short time at low temp.
  • High aspect ratio dispensing
    Enable to dispensing with narrow line and thick and keep shape retention

Solution for Customers

Solution for Customers



Compared with other adhesive methods

  Double sided tape Hotmelt Rapid UV curing adhesive Time-lagged UV curing adhesive
For UV protection panel Good Good Bad Good
Narrow line Adhesive
≥1.0mm ≥0.6mm ≥0.4mm ≥0.4mm
Adhesive strength Not bad Good Not bad Good
Cure Temp. - 25deg.C. - 60deg.C.
Time - 12hr. - 10min.
Repairable Very good Good Good Good
Cost Bad Good Good Good

Property data

Property Unit Time-lagged UV Curing Adhesive
CV7831 series
Viscosity(60deg.C.) Pa·s 60
Storage - Dark place, Room temp.
Recommended dispenser - Air dispenser
Open time 1)
(After UV irradiation)
- ≥2min.
Elastic modulus MPa 9
Shore D Hardness - 13
Push strength 2) vs. PC MPa 4.5
vs. Glass 4.5

1) UV cure condition: 500mJ/cm2(365nm-LED)
2) Adhesion area: 4mmφ (12.56mm2) Test speed: 50mm/min
 UV irradiation: 500mJ/cm2(365nm-LED) Curing time: 40deg.C. 2hr


  • Assembly for
    - camera module
    - mobile application
    - wearable devices
  • Adhesive for
    - UV protection panel
    - UV protection film, etc.

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