Top surface use (Cover Glass) Blue light guard film MUAB9

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Top surface use (Cover Glass) AR film Blue light guard film MUAB9

Visibility is improved by reducing harmful blue light emitted from LCDs and controlling reflections of outside light.

Layer Structure
Layer Structure
・Blue light transmittance is reduced.
・Anti-reflection, High transmittance
・Neutral color (Yellow coloring is less.)
LCD etc.
General Properties
Property Unit Test condition Blue light guard film
Total Transmittance % JIS K7361 94.5
Haze % JIS K7136 0.5
Photopic Resistance % - 0.9
Minimum Resistance % - 0.2
450nm Transmittance / 450nm Reflectance % - 88 / 7.5
Reflective color(b*) - - 5.1
Pencil Hardness (750g load) - JIS K5600-5-4 2H
Adhesive strength - JIS K5600-5-6 100/100