Low-temperature Curing Secondary Mounting Underfill Material "CV5350AS"

Low-temperature Curing Secondary Mounting Underfill Material " CV5350AS"

  • Cures at a low temp of 80℃.
    After curing, Tg is 140℃ or greater.

    Achieving the necessary mount reliability
    for automotive parts
  • Smaller difference in heat shrinkage
    with other part, by high Tg

    Improving electrical connection reliability
    of solder etc.
  • Capillary flow in the narrow gap
    without any voids

    Possible to capillary flow up to 40 mm
    in the gap of 20μm

Feature (Solution for Customers)

1. Passes temperature cycling test needed for automotive parts.

  • New product
  • Maintains low thermal expansion area due to high Tg.
    Reduces stress by low elasticity and prevents interfacial peeling.
  • Conventional
  • It is difficult for the material with high linear expansion to reduce the stress of parts, peeling off during temperature cycling.
    The low temperature curing / low Tg material has a problem with temperature cycling.

2. Compatible with sensors requiring low temperature curing.

  • New product
  • Cures at a low temperature.
  • Conventional
  • Can not be mounted on a sensor that is sensitive to high temperature.

3. A wide range of curing temperature.

  • New product
  • Can be used at various temperatures.
  • Conventional
  • It is necessary to use the underfill material defferently
    at low temperature and high temperature.
Moire data at room temperature

4. Suitable for mounting in areas with small gaps.

  • New product
  • Corresponds to a gap of 20 μm or more with one kind material.
  • Conventional
  • It is necessary to use the underfill material defferently
  • depending on the size of the gap
    between the package and the motherboard.
Cross section of a circuit board being mounted

5. Possible to reinforce partially.

  • New product
  • We also have "Corner reinforce type" suitable for only a part.
  • ※Conventional: Our material CV5313
  • ●We have various other line-up. Please contact us.
Possible to reinforce partially.

Property data

Item Unit          CV5350AS         
Minimum flow gap μm 20
Viscosity (25°C) mPa·s 4000
Glass transition temperature (Tg) °C 150
C.T.E.1 ppm/°C 30
Elastic modulus (25°C) GPa 10
Potential for reworking Not possible


Mount reinforcement of
semiconductor packages and electronic parts for

  • Automotive camera modules
  • Communication modules (millimeter-wave radar modules)
  • ECU (electronic control unit)

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