Panasonic Device Solutions (Automotive, ICT, Electronic Control, Home Appliances, Others)

Solutions for thermal noise

Panasonic offers its unique technologies and broad product lineup as solutions for complicated thermal noise problems from the design stage, based on overall analysis of equipment. We aim to become a partner that can contribute to higher design completeness, shorter design man-hours, and shorter design period for customers' products.


  • Power management
  • Engine control/HEV※1/EV※2/AT
  • Safety
  • ADAS※3/Lighting/AFS/Brake system/ABS/
  • Infotainment
  • NAVI/ETC/HUD※5/Drive recorder/Camera
  • Comfort accessories
  • Keyless/Power window/Air conditioner/TPMS※6/
    In-vehicle occupant detection/Temperature control
Supports safe, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly design of vehicles
(Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
(Electric Vehicle)
(Advanced Driver Assistance System)
(Electronic Stability Control)
(Head-Up Display)
(Tire Pressure Monitoring System)


  • Smartphone
  • Tablet PC
  • Notebook PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Wearable design
  • Base station
  • Server/Data center
  • SSD
  • USB charge/Non-contact charge
Solves thermal noise and electronic control problems in addition to its thinner, lighter, and sophisticated features.

Industrial Infrastructure

  • PLC/Industrial PC
  • Motor driver/Inverter
  • FA equipment
  • Measuring instrument
  • Power supply
  • Smart meter
  • Power generation and energy storage systems
  • Security camera
  • Railway/Infrastructure
  • Industrial inkjet
Makes proposals for key components toward achieving infrastructure for a smart society
Industrial Infrastructure

Home appliances

  • Home information appliances
  • Air conditioner
  • White goods
Supports product design for realizing energy-saving and comfortable living spaces.
Home appliances


  • Amusement
  • Electric tools
  • Lighting
  • OA equipment
  • Medical equipment
Offers key components for achieving safe, highly-reliable, and highly-efficient products.