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APEC 2019

The Panasonic booth showcased a variety of products that are based on the elemental technologies of GaN (gallium nitride) featuring low-loss characteristics that surpass the physical limit of the existing material Si (silicon), from devices to solutions to application examples, as part of its efforts to propose products that contribute to the energy saving and downsizing of electric equipment.

「APEC 2019」(The Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition 2019)
  • Period: March 18 - 20, 2019
  • Venue: ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER(Anaheim, California)
  • Panasonic booth: Booth 913

Key Solutions on Exhibit

application demos
[X-GaN™ power devices, X-GaN™ solutions]
By employing a proprietary structure, Panasonic's 600V GaN powerdevice, "X-GaN™" has achieved X-GaN normally-off and current collapse freecharacteristics, thereby enabling a size reduction and improving theefficiency of power conversion systems. Panasonic also showcased industrial subsystems that can take full advantage of the X-GaN's highperformance, as well as application demos and an evaluation kit forchecking the X-GaN performance.
[GaN bidirectional switches (reference exhibit)]
Panasonic provides a new GaN bidirectional switch capable of switchingbidirectional and single directional current conduction as well as highvoltage isolation with a single element by adopting its innovative devicestructure. Panasonic also showcased small DBM (Drive-by-Microwave)isolated gate drivers that can drive this GaN bidirectional switch.Because this GaN bidirectional switch enables the significant reduction ofconduction losses and the number of elements for this switching system, itcontributes to the downsizing and higher conversion efficiency of powerconverter circuits.
3-level Inverter Board with GaN Bidirectional Switch

Panasonic's Exhibitor Seminar

APEC 2019(The Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition 2019)
  • Date: March 19, 2019, 15:00 - 15:30
  • Place: ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER, Session Room 303AB
  • Title: “X-GaN Power Transistor Breakdown Mechanisms”

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