Double-side copper laminate PET films for large-screen touch panel sensor

Easy to handle during the manufacturing process
Easy-to-use touch panel design
Superior visibility

Advanced Films

  • タッチパネル
  • Double-side copper-laminate PET films for large-screen touch panel sensor

Layer structure

Layer structure


Item Unit   Conventional material   Under development material
Optical properties*1 Total transmittance % >85 >85
Haze % <70 <70
Color tone b-value ≤1 ≤1
General properties Adhesion layer thickness μm 7 4
Peel strength (Cu foil) N/15mm >7 >7
Ultrathin copper foil thickness μm 2 2
Surface resistivity (Cu:2μm) (Ω/☐) 0.01 0.01
Anti-bending properties Adhesive hardness*2 100 170
Bending resistance*3 R=10 A crack occurs in 10 bending No cracks in 20 bending
R=5 A crack occurs in 1 bending A crack occurs in 10-12 bending

*1 The optical properties are result of a measurement after overall etching of copper foil.
*2 Relative values.
*3 Repeat bending to the surface and the back side in turn. The number of bending times before a crack occurring.

The above data is actual values and not guaranteed values.

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