Features : Power Inductors for Automotive application


1.Contribute to down-sizing of ECU power circuit by small case size with high current capability
(30%-50% smaller than ferrite type)

Energy per volume

Graph of Energy per volume

DC Bias characteristics

Graph of DC Bias characteristics

2.Low loss characteristic realizes high efficiency of power circuit of ECU and contribute to simplify thermal design process.

ACR vs Frequency

Graph of ACR vs Frequency

3.Metal composite monolithic structure realizes high reliability ECU design which is applied under severe environmental condition.
・Heat resistance:150℃/2000 h
・Vibration:5 Hz - 2 kHz/30 G

Explanation of feature image

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Unique core technology which realizes “Top level high reliability “ in industry

Exploded view of PCC

  Ferrite type Panasonic
Structure Adhesion, assembly

Adhesion, assembly



Air Gap GAP Non-GAP
  1. Metal magnetic material (Metal composite)
    Developed magnetic material which has High saturation magnetic flux density and low loss characteristic at high frequency.
  2. Wire wound molding coil
    Wire wound molding coil realizes smaller case size with high inductance value.
  3. Monolithic structure
    Monolithic structure of metal magnetic material and winding wire realizes vibration resistance.
  4. Terminal structure
    1. Gap structure between backside of terminal and core can reduce solder joint crack issue due to thermal stress
    2. Unique terminal structure which has no internal joint can realizes superior vibration resistance.

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