Features : Chip Varistor

What is the Multilayer Chip Varistor?

  • Varistor stands for Variable Resistor

    It’s a voltage nonlinear resistor/voltage-dependent resistor.

    It is an element that changes its resistance value depending on applied voltage.

    This is the ceramic electronic component the character of which is used to protect electronic devices from the abnormal voltage, such as lightning surge and static electricity.

  • Appearance
  • Chip Varistor Appearance
  • Construction
  • Chip Varistor Construction
  • Voltage vs. Current
  • Chip Varistor Voltage vs. Current

    Varistor’s voltage/current
    characteristics differ from a fixed resister
    and the element changes its resistance values widely!

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What is the function of Chip Varistor?

checkmark Current-Voltage characteristics

It protects electronic devices from electrostatic discharge (ESD) by utilizing its characteristic of changing resistance values depending on applied voltage!

checkmark ESD suppression mechanism

checkmark ESD suppression effect (ex.)

ESD suppression effect (ex.)

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Our MLCV is top-level in the industry and possess following characteristics

  • 特徴1

    The MLCV is small and surface-mount type component and it is available in various sizes (0603・1005・1608).
    It can contribute to miniaturization and lightening of various applications.

  • 特徴1

    Our original ceramic material and process technology realized high reliability.
    ・Great ESD suppression effect
    ・Having high ESD and surge tolerance

  • 特徴1

    We prepared automotive lineups.
    ・Long-term life assurance (load life:2000h, temperature cycle: 2000c)
    ・High heat resistance (up to 150℃)
    ・In conformity to AEC-Q200 standard
    ・ISO/TS16949 qualified

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