Motor Control Circuits

Motor Control Circuits
Low Impedance

• Film capacitor has high noise absorbency due to low ESR.

→When a film capacitor is used, capacitance value can be 1/10 of that of a Tantalum capacitor.

• Measurement Circuit
[Output at 200kHz] ↑:20mV/div →:1µs/div.
Film 1.0µF(88mV) AI“d‰ð10µF(84mV) Tantalum 10µF(85mV)
[Output at 1MHz]
Film 1.0µF(22mV) AI“d‰ð10µF(50mV) Tantalum 10µF(50mV)
Stable Temperature Characteristics
•  Set circuit movements are stable due to stable temperature characteristics.
[Temperature Characteristic Data]
Temperature Characteristic Data
Low Dielectric Absorption
•  Set movement reliability is achieved due to low dielectric absorption levels.
[Dielectric Absorption Data]
Dielectric Absorption Data
Primary Applications

• Pachinko Machines   • Slot Machines


Additional Advantages

• Beneficial for reduced power supply line noise, etc., due to low ESR.

• Stable capacity, narrow tolerance

• High reliability

Recommended Products
16V : 104 ~ 105
10V ~ 50V : 102 ~ 104
50V ~ 250V : 473 ~ 105