Panasonic Device Solutions (Automotive, ICT, Electronic Control, Home Appliances, Others)


  • Power management
  • Engine control/HEV※1/EV※2/AT
  • Safety
  • ADAS※3/Lighting/AFS/Brake system/ABS/
  • Infotainment
  • NAVI/ETC/HUD※5/Drive recorder/Camera
  • Comfort accessories
  • Keyless/Power window/Air conditioner/TPMS※6/
    In-vehicle occupant detection/Temperature control
Supports safe, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly design of vehicles
(Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
(Electric Vehicle)
(Advanced Driver Assistance System)
(Electronic Stability Control)
(Head-Up Display)
(Tire Pressure Monitoring System)


  • Smartphone
  • Tablet PC
  • Notebook PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Wearable design
  • Base station
  • Server/Data center
  • SSD
  • USB charge/Non-contact charge
Solves thermal noise and electronic control problems in addition to its thinner, lighter, and sophisticated features.

Industrial Infrastructure

  • PLC/Industrial PC
  • Motor driver/Inverter
  • FA equipment
  • Measuring instrument
  • Power supply
  • Smart meter
  • Power generation and energy storage systems
  • Security camera
  • Railway/Infrastructure
  • Industrial inkjet
Makes proposals for key components toward achieving infrastructure for a smart society
Industrial Infrastructure

Home appliances

  • Home information appliances
  • Air conditioner
  • White goods
Supports product design for realizing energy-saving and comfortable living spaces.
Home appliances


  • Amusement
  • Electric tools
  • Lighting
  • OA equipment
  • Medical equipment
Offers key components for achieving safe, highly-reliable, and highly-efficient products.