AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)

AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)

Photo:AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)
  • Control technology with both high efficiency and low noise
  • 132kHz High frequency and 800V high withstand voltage control
  • Audible noise reduction technology

Integration of power MOSFET and control IC in a single package for switching power supply application High efficiency ,Low noise and Simplified design

IPD: Intelligent Power Device

Panasonic's AC-DC Power Supply IC

Features of Panasonic's IPD

Panasonic's IPD lead the evolution of power supply

1 High efficiency・Low noise

Unique control technology

Improve efficiency
Improve efficiency

Noise reduction
Noise reduction

2 Miniaturization

132kHz High frequency

Transformer miniaturization

fosc Transformer 66kHz 28size 132kHz 22size
Area 6.7 square centimeter 3.7 square centimeter
Volume 22.0 cubic centimeter 7.8 cubic centimeter

Transformer miniaturization
Maximum output 16-20W

3 Reduction of parts count

Audible noise reduction technology

Audible noise reduction
Audible noise reduction

Evolution of Panasonic's IPD

Contributing to the enhancement of customer's set with performance, quality and power design know-how

  • Home appliance
  • Industrial 800V high withstand voltage

20 Years of Initiatives

Energy saving at standby
Miniaturized Power supply
High efficiency at light load region
Automotive Quality
High efficiency at all load condition
High output power

Contribution to ECO Friendly World

Ministry of METI Award
Earth Award
Ministry of Environment Award

Product Lineup

Application Circuit Topology Output Power Series
AC adaptorAC adaptor
Home Appliance
Flyback 3 to 18W Low Output Series

Extensive lineup for various functions and characteristics requirement

Detail of Low Output Series
Air conditionerAir conditioner 8 to 36W High Power with small Package Series

High efficiency, low noise and compact package for output up to 40W range

Detail of High Power with small Package Series
Home ApplianceHome Appliance
Power Supply
3 to 60W 3-Pin Series

Solution for simple primary side circuit with control of 3 function pins

Detail of 3-Pin Series
Office EquipmentOffice Equipment
AV Equipment
to 200W Control IC Series

Wide output power range with external MOSFET

Detail of Control IC Series
Home AppliancePower Supply
Home Appliance
Buck Buck-boost to 400mA Selectable Frequency Series

Selectable frequency for wide input/output range

Detail of Selectable Frequency Series
to 500mA Basic Power Supply Series

Solution for Chopper power supply with low component count

Detail of Basic Power Supply Series

Design Support Tool

IPD Design Navigator

The IPD Design Navigator (Free, User registration is not required) is a web-based tool for designing an AC-DC converter with our IPDs. This tool assists you in selecting a desired IPD, calculates the circuit constants of AC-DC converter block circuit using the selected IPD, and generates a circuit diagram of the converter based on your required specifications, thus reducing your time for power supply design significantly.
▼Video tutorial for IPD Design Navigator


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Product Catalog Catalog List of Panasonic's Power supply IC (IPD) products.
It is possible to combine all products catalog as booklet
Data Sheet Product Overview Overview on product specifications
Product Note Semiconductor Support system Comprehensive description on the operation and functionality of the product
Application Note Inquiry Guidelines to design power supply using Panasonic's Power supply IC (IPD)
Troubleshooting Guide Inquiry Suggestions for troubleshooting power supply design issues
PCB Pattern Design Precaution Inquiry Recommendations for PCB pattern design

Precautions for IPD sales

IPD Sales Cautions