Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs

Product Overview

Our brushed DC motor series consists of the single motor driver ICs and the dual motor driver ICs.

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  1. Two built-in drive circuits for space saving

    This series has two ICs, AN44070A and AN41402A, each of which contains two drive circuits to simultaneously drive two DC motors, saving mounting space.

    Built-in Drive Circuits

  2. Built-in abnormal condition detection output

    The NFAULT pin is provided for detection of abnormal conditions (undervoltage, overtemperature, and overcurrent [load short-circuit]).

    Detection Output

  3. Chip temperature measurement pin for thermal design

    With the TJMON pin, it is possible to detect the temperature of the IC chip by calculating using the difference between the TJMON pin voltages before and after motor operation.

    Chip Temperature Measurement

  4. WLCSP for space saving

    All low-voltage driver ICs use Wafer Level Chip Size Package (WLCSP), saving mounting space.


  5. Industry’s lowest output ON-resistance

    Dramatically low output ON-resistance compared to previous model, achieving ultra-low loss.

  6. Low power consumption at standby

    The consumption current of IC can be reduced in standby operation, saving energy.In particular, AN41406A consumes almost zero current at standby, enabling longer battery life.

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