Panasonic MCU with Abundant Track Record

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Product Lineup

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Product LineupMN103HMN1M7MN101EMN101CMN103SMN1M0MN101LMN103L

* ARM® Cortex® is ARM's trademark


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MCU Function

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MCU FunctionHigh Performance Inverter Control MN103HHigh Performance Inverter Control MN1M7Inverter Control MN103HInverter Control MN103SInverter Control MN1M7Converter Control MN103HConverter Control MN1M7Motor Control MN101EMotor Control MN103HMotor Control MN103SMotor Control MN1M7Motor Control MN1M0Dimming Control MN101EVoice Guidance Control MN101EDisplay Control MN101EDisplay Control MN101LSensor Control MN101CSensor Control MN101LHigh Performance Inverter Control MN103HInverter Control MN103HInverter Control MN103SConverter Control MN103HMotor Control MN101EMotor Control MN103HMotor Control MN103SMotor Control MN103LMotor Control MN1M0Audio Control MN103LPower Control MN103HPowertrain Control MN103HPowertrain Control MN103SPowertrain Control MN103LPowertrain Control MN1M0Body System Control MN101EBody System Control MN103HBody System Control MN103SBody System Control MN103LBody System Control MN1M0

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