Pana-Tetra Zinc Oxide Single Crystal

Remarkable effects of compound by single crystal
property and tetrapod shape
Rubber:Braking ability and Abrasion-resistant effect
Paint:Anti-static and Supper water repellence effect
Resin: Abrasion-resistant and Thermal conductivity effect
Filter:Filtration performance effect

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Tetrapod shaped single crystal of zinc oxide(Pana-Tetra)

Pana-tetra is a needle-shaped crystal formed by zinc metal vapor and oxygen, and has grown in the C-axis direction of hexagonal crystal ZnO from each of the four alternate surfaces of a regular octagon. It is used for filters that provide outstanding filtering and duct collection characteristics due to the effects of its shape, excellent photo-catalyst activation with its semiconductor and ultraviolet absorption characteristics, and as antibacterial material made possible by its zinc ion effect.

Characteristics of Pana-Tetra

Material name Zinc oxide
Chemical formula ZnO
Structure Single crystal (Needle shape)
Shape Tetrapod Shape
Average length of leg 10m, 20 m(about)
Specific gravity 5.78
Relative density 0.1 (about)
Melting point under pressure 2000
Sublimation point 1720
Specific heat 0.1248 cal/g deg
Thermal conductivity 25.3 W/m k
Thermal expansion coefficient 3.18 10 -6 /
Refractive index 1.9 2.0
Electricity induction (2.4 10 10 Hz) =8.5
Volume resistance 10 cm (about)

Basic structure of Pana-Tetra

Various complex effect are the features

  • Braking ability(Tire・Shoes)
  • Thermal conductivity(Sheet・Resin)
  • Electric wave absorbency(Rubber・Paint)
  • Precise molding stability(Molding parts)
  • Resisting pressure ability(Seal ring)
  • Anti-abrasion capacity(Bearing・Gear)
  • Electrification prevention(Film・Paint)
  • Micro reinforcement(Adhesive)
  • Filterability(Filter)
  • Ultraviolet absorbency(cosmetic)
  • Super water repellence(Paint)
  • Anti-algae and Antibacterial
    (Paint ・ Resin・Water)

Pana-Tetra Grade

Grade Specification Main recommended compound matrix
Untreated surface Rubber , Elastomer , Fluoroplastics , Paint
Treated surface General resin
(PP , PS , ABS , PA , PPS , LCP , etc.)
WZ-0531 Treated surface General resin (POM , PBT , etc.)
WZ-05E1 Treated surface Only for polycarbonate resin
WZ-05F1 Treated surface
General resin (PP , PS , ABS ,
PA , PPS , LCP , etc.) , Paint

Application example

1.Pana-tetra composite rubber

Pana-tetra composite rubber

2.Pana-tetra Composite Filtering Paper

[Filtering Characteristics]

  • The filtering efficiency of Pana-tetra filtering paper is higher than that of diatomite filtering paper. The same composition quantity generates approx. twice the filtering additive efficiency, enabling the use of thinner paper.
  • With an average dust grain size of 0.3µm, a filtering efficiency of 90% or higher was achieved.
  • The Pana-tetra filtering additive consists of zinc oxide in the shape of a tetra-pod with antibacterial and UV absorption characteristics

3.Supported Pana-tetra Non-woven Cloth Characteristics
  • Pana-tetra supported by a non-woven cloth achieved an improved dust collection performance.
  • Pana-tetra consists of a zinc oxide single crystal in a tetra-pod shape to which antibacterial, UV absorption, radio wave absorption characteristics, etc. can be added.