Mounting MES Software PanaCIM-EE
Panasonic’s smart factory solution PanaCIM-EE realizes market-inductive production

Integrated management of an entire SMT floor realizes enhanced quality, reduced costs and increased floor productivity

Composed of 8 functions, PanaCIM-EE allows you to individually install necessary functions.

Material Verification / Material Control / Enterprise Link / Product Changeover and Control / Traceability / Production Analysis / Production Monitoring & Dispatch / Maintenance

Application example

Predictive management of parts exhaust and automatic parts Output

(Material Verification + Material Control)

No waiting for parts to be supplied due to“No Parts"!
Realize Reduce labor resources and Productivity improvement !

Component Supply Navigator

(Production Monitoring and Dispatch / Component Supply Navigator option)

(1) Reduction of the duration of machine downtime caused by parts exhaust by 73.1%*
(2) As a result of (1), the operating ratio increased by 10%*

*May vary depending on your operating environment.


System configuration example

For CM series line

For CM series line

For NPM series or AM100 line

For NPM series or AM100 line

(1) PanaCIM-EE server (app server + controller server)
(2) PanaCIM maintenance server
(3) PT interface (communication with PT200)

*System configuration differs depending on applied machine. For details, contact your local distributor or sales represent ative.

Your own devices

Switching hub / LMNC / Scanner / Access point