NPM : Head location flexibility with plug-and-play functions
Multi-CAD import
Almost all CAD data can be retrieved by macro definition registration. Properties, such as polarity, also can be confirmed on screen in advance.
Component library
A component library of all placement machines including the CM series on floor can be registered to unify data management.
Tact simulation can be confirmed on screen in advance so that line total operation ratio can increase.
Mix Job Setter (MJS)
Production data optimization allows the NPM to commonly arrange feeders.
Feeder replacement time reduction for changeover can improve productivity
PPD/LWS Editor
With quickly and easily compiling placement and inspection head data on the PC display during operation, time loss can be minimized.
Off-line component data creation (option)
With creating off-line component data using a store-bought scanner, productivity and quality can be improved.
Offline Camera Unit (option)

Minimizes time on machine for parts library programming and assists equipment availability and quality.
Parts library data is generated using the line camera for NPM-D/W.
Conditions not possible on a scanner such as Illumination conditions, and recognition speeds, can be checked offline assuring quality enhancements and equipment availability.

Recognition test / Evaluation screen

Recognition test / Evaluation screen

Off-line camera unit

Offline Camera Unit