Laser Type PM Sensor

◆Realize “Visualization” of IAQ (indoor air quality) by indicating mass-density (μg/m3)

◆Laser-type sensor makes better accuracy and higher stability comparing LED-type one


Laser Type PM Sensor Overview

  1. Smaller size (37 x 37 x 12mm)
  2. Better accuracy (±10%) from low to high concentrations
  3. Longer life-time by optimizing electrical/SW control
  4. Auto calibration function
  5. Less dust-accumulation structure for minimizing electrical tracking


  • For home appliance products and/or air quality monitors which need more accuracy & further advantages to the competitor's

Laser Type PM Sensor Specification

Power supply voltage 5.0V (±10%)
Consumption current Below 100mA
Minimum detectable particle 0.3μm
Indicatable range (UART) 0μg/m3~2,000μg/m3
(I2C) 0μg/m3~x,xxxμg/m3
Maximum consistency error ±10%
Response time 1sec (Time to first reading 8sec)

External interface

Size W37×D37×H12mm

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Laser Type PM Sensor

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