Features : High Precision Chip Resistors

Product features (Thin Film Chip Resistors)

check markHigh reliability

Reliable performance under high temperature and humidity

Humidity resistance test (85oC, 85% RH, rated load)

check markHigh precision

Low resistance tolerance and low temperature coefficient of resistance

Sputtering & Photolithography image

check markHigh performance

Excellent current-noise characteristics and linearity of temperature coefficient of resistance

Current noise characteristics & Linearity of temperature coefficient of resistance graph

Process flow (resistive element)

Resistance element film deposition

Method: Sputtering

⇒High precision and high reliability resistors achieved by reducing the film thickness and the variations in film thickness and quality

Resistance element film deposition
Resistive element pattern forming

Method: Photolithography and etching

⇒High precision resistors achieved by micromachining technology,which minimizes variations

Resistive element pattern forming

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