Features (SPG2)

Supporting high accuracy/density printing

Attack angle variable squeegee (option)

The set squeegee angle can be adjusted, using the front and rear squeegee vertical axes, between 45°and 70°.

When set to 45° / When set to 70°

Top/side clamper (movable type) (option)

Pressing down on PCB edge faces increases printing quality of warped PCB.
Either PCB upper or side face can be selected for correction.

Top clamp / Side clamp

New operation panel

1. A large-sized panel (15-inch) introduced to increase ease of use and visibility.
2. Screen configuration reviewed (a reduction in the number of screens) to decrease the screen handling time required.

An increase in size from 8.4- to 15-inch


Enhancing automation and labor-saving functions

Paper-less cleaning (option)

Mask cleaning without cleaning paper or solvent, eliminating paper and solvent exchange operations.

Enlarged view of Nozzle configuration drawing

Holed pot type automatic solder supply (option)

Solder supply automated to promote labor saving and operation without interruption.

Support pin automatic exchange (option)

Automated collection/arrangement of support pins during changeover to save manpower.

Recognition camera / Pin mounting nozzle / Pin initial position


M2M Line solution

SPG2 - APC correction data - other SPI / NPM-WX

0402 parts : Without printing position correction / With printing position correction

According to the correction data of shifted printing positions analyzed by solder paste inspection (APC correction data), it corrects printing positions (X ,Y ,θ).
*3D inspection equipment of other companies can also be connected.

*Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.

By connecting with a host system (LNB,iLNB...) , the followings can be supported :

  • Automatic changeover
  • Material verification (solder/mask/squeegee...)
  • Trace data output