Features (NPM-W2S)

Production Modular NPM-W2S

Basic Specification

Conventional NPM series comes with one simple beam, allowing for various operations ranging from an NPM series backup to multiple connection configuration

Directly connectable to NPM-W2

Support for single-/dual-lane transport

Selection of the mounting head according to production form

Selectable from Lightweight16-/12-/Lightweight8-/3-nozzle head V2

Mutual compatibility with NPM series

Shared use of the placement head/nozzle, tape feeder and feeder cart

*For details, contact our sales representative.

Adoption of 3-nozzle head V2

Capable of a max placement load of 100N.

Rear & Front Feeder Layout

Single Tray Layout

Twin Tray Layout

Operation example 1 (A backup to NPM line)

Operation example 2 (NPM-W2S connected line)


Optional functions

Inspection option before pick-up

Inspect tray or reel components before pick-up to prevent misplacement.

(1)Polarity inspection -> Detects wrong component orientation, (2)Component number inspection -> Detects wrong components, traces components.

Automatic pick-up error recovery

When pickup/recognition error occurred, the machine automatically corrects the pickup position without stopping, and resumes production.
That improves machine operation rate.
(Components: 4 mm embossed (black)/ 8 mm paper/embossed (black) tape component. *Embossed tape (transparency) is not supported.)

PIP lighting unit

Recognizes the locations of insertion lead components, as well as bends in the components, before placement.