A wide range of variations

The most suitable module can be selected to place components from microchips to odd-shaped components, as well as depending on the products and the production volume.

*Heads configuration can be changed after purchase.

Machine configuration

Configuration type 12 nozzles /
12 nozzles
12 nozzles /
8 nozzles
8 nozzles /
8 nozzles
12 nozzles /
3 nozzles
8 nozzles /
3 nozzles
3 nozzles /
3 nozzles
Head combination A Type A-2 Type A-1 Type A-0 - - -
B - - - - - Type A-0
C - - - Type C-1 Type C-0 -
Direct tray support One side D - Type D-3 Type D-2 Type D-1 Type D-0 -
E - - - - - Type E-0
Both sides F - - Type F-2 - Type F-1 Type F-0

Improves actual productivity with lighter high-speed head and new optimization

Actual productivity ( IPC9850 )
69 500 cph (Type A-2)

Lighter high-speed head and new manufacturing sequence optimization has increased productivity by 7 % compared to the former optimization model Ver.4.

New high-flexibility 8 nozzles head
Further component handling capability

The generalized Ver.5 (optional) expands existing component range. A wide variety of components, ranging from a 0402 chip to 50mm and a large size connector (100× 50mm),have become mountable.
The 3D sensor and direct tray feeder can be installed as before providing superior handling capabilities for odd-shaped components.

Improves area productivity with compact feeder carts

200mm decrease in Feeder cart size

  • Area productivity has increased by 17%
  • Equipment maintenance has improved

*The Compact Feeder Cart has compatibility with Conventional Feeder Cart. Both types of the Feeder Carts can be used at the same time.


Increases placement reliability by the 3D sensor

  • Component bring-back check function
  • Component thickness measurement function after components are changed
  • Nozzle tip check function

Component thickness measurement function after components are changed


High-quality placement for IC component via the 3D sensor

High-speed detection via batch scanning.


High-speed detection via batch scanning.

Highly versatile unit accurately transfers solder/flux for PoP top packaging/C4 mounting on the bump side

High-speed PoP placement

Maintenance through easy operation

Changeable film thickness

Programmable squeegee gap using data
Changeable on film thickness each component

8 nozzles 20mm
3 nozzles 38mm

*High-speed heads (12 nozzles) are not supported.


Supply Units

Feeder cart

Type feeder (8 mm~104 mm)

Stick feeder


Automation Units

Automatic tape splicing unit

Feeder maintenance unit