CEATEC JAPAN 2017 Industrial devices to be exhibited

Location:Panasonic booth [Booth location :C075], Hall 1, Makuhari Messe

Main industrial devices to be exhibited Overview
Wearable maker patch Panasonic proposes a new concept with this pliable patch device that allows for easily adding electronic functions to clothes or fabric products. By simply sewing this patch on clothing, ordinary clothing can be turned into a wearable device, for example, to indicate location information and measure amount of activity, temperature and humidity.
3D LiDAR sensor The sensor can measure distance and direction of a target with a wide angle of view using Panasonic’s original laser scanning technology.
Emotion and physical condition sensing Using two types of cameras and Panasonic’s image processing technology, this sensing technology can detect a person's emotions, drowsiness and sense of being hot or cold in a contactless manner.
Small rechargeable batteries for IoT/wearable devices These batteries are suitable to various types of IoT or wearable devices.

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