Handling of personal information

Industry Company and Energy Company of Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Panasonic) strictly adheres to all laws, regulations, and other stipulations regarding the protection of personal information; managing and using all personal information received from customers in an appropriate manner. All personal information at Panasonic is handled in accordance with the following:

1. Party responsible for handling personal information

Industry Company, Panasonic Corporation
Energy Company, Panasonic Corporation

2. Party responsible for protecting and managing personal information

Director, Global Marketing & Sales Division
Industry Company, Panasonic Corporation

3. Usage objectives for personal information

Personal information supplied by customers shall, in principle, only be used for the objectives stated below.
Where personal information is to be used for any other purposes, the usage objectives shall be clearly stated on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Identification of user
  2. Supply of information, notices, and other communications via email, direct mail, etc. for advertising, marketing and business purposes.
  3. Questionnaire surveys and other monitoring activities for product planning, development, and sales
  4. Response to customer inquiries/consultations, and the verification and recording thereof

4. Supply of personal information to third parties

Panasonic shall never supply personal information received from customers to third parties except for in the following cases.

  1. Where the consent of the person in question has been obtained
  2. Where required to do so by law
  3. Where the supply of personal information is essential for a person's life, health, or property, and obtaining the consent of the person in question is not possible
  4. Where there is a need to cooperate with the operations of national institutions, local public organizations, or other parties commissioned thereby as stipulated by law, but obtaining the consent of the person in question could hinder the pursuit of duty in this matter
  5. Where the handling of personal information is wholly or partially commissioned to third parties in order to fulfill the original usage objective
  6. Where the handling of personal information is wholly or partially commissioned to third parties following the transfer of businesses through mergers or other such reasons

5. Shared usage of personal information

Within the boundaries of the usage objectives stated above, Panasonic reserves the right to share personal information received for customers with other consolidated subsidiaries of Panasonic Corporation and distributors.

6. Requests for disclosure, correction, or termination of use of personal information

Where requested to do so by the person in question, Panasonic will issue notification of usage objectives, disclose information held, amend contents, add or delete details, terminate the use of information, delete information, and/or terminate the supply of information to third parties.

7. Enquiries

Industry Company, Panasonic Corporation