Stepping Motor Driver ICs

Product Overview

Our stepping motor driver ICs (also known as stepping actuator driver ICs or stepping servo controller ICs) have a high power efficiency with 60-V process, industry's lowest on-resistance, LDMOS and Copper thick film plating wiring required for eco-friendly automotive devices.

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  1. Adoption of the low ON resistance power process realized the high current drive (a maximum of 4A, with constant 2A drive) by low generation of heat. Thus, allows easy thermal design and small substrate.
  2. Integration of the low EMI power drive circuit. Thus, allows reduction of the recovery current which occurs at the time of switching.
  3. Carry the protection feature such as over-current protection, thermal protection, and low power-supply-voltage protection to ensure safety.
  4. The stability of the current waveform was secured by loading of the Mix Decay control facility. Thus, allows low vibration and low power consumption.

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Application of Stepping Motor

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