Metallized 2-Layers of Copper + Nickel

EYJB(B) type

  • Shield layer(copper) with the thickness of 0.75µm is formed by vacuum evaporating oxygen-free copper on PET film of 16µm
  • Shield material consisting of two metal layer structure assuring weatherability by rust stopping layer(metallized Ni: Thickness of 0.05µm). Provided in a form of roll (Maximum width: 135mm).


  • -Excellent weatherability assured on rust stopping layer of Ni.
  • -Adoption of PET facilitates Piercing processing.
  • -No snags and fluffing.


Shield Characteristics

Example of Use

  • -Shield Coating Material of Soft Gasket
  • -Base of Shield Film

Example of product specification

*1) Part number Film thickness
Copper thickness
Nickel thickness
Product width
*2) Product length
Core diameter
EYJBBA16046Z 16 0.75 0.05 46 100 75
EYJBBA16135Z 16 0.75 0.05 135 100 75
*1) The same structure and the same specification as the old part number, EYJB16FExxxZ
*2) Longer ""Product length"" is available, less than 1000m

Example of order product number

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