Pana-Tetra Electrification Prevention Film

Non-carbon film using semiconductor semiconductor
filler ”Pana-tetra”
Excellent electrification prevention characteristic and
the static electricity diffusion performance
A steady performance during a long term can be

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Non-carbon sheet and film materials using semiconductor special filler "Pana-Tetra".
Excellent electrification prevention characteristic, the static electricity diffusion performance, and the attenuation performance was achieved without carbon type materials.
Because the influence by the environment is extremely little, a steady performance during a long term can be maintained.


Grades & Specifications(Grade)

Electrification prevention Sheet & Film [ Grades & Specifications ]

  Sheet Film
Grade ELESCAPE M3435 Technica P - B
Base resin PS PE
Standard size 0.5mm(T) 640mm(W) 400m(L)
Roll type
50m(T) 1500 / 750mm(W) 300m(L)
Side opening roll type
Coloring specification White Blue translucent
Tensile strength
29 / 27 34 / 35
Tensile elongation
81 / 51 920 / 1100
Surface resistance
108~9 109~11