Lithium Batteries




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1. Wide product range

Panasonic offers a wide range of Lithium batteries which meet your requests such as main battery for small devices, backup battery for emergency, etc.


2. High quality based on many years of production

Over 40 years of technical development and manufacturing experience.


3. Excellent durability under severe conditions

Superior characteristics in a wide temperature range.

Long-term reliability suitable for outdoor devices (e.g. meters) which are difficult to maintain for a long time.


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Market Sectors


Lithium Batteries are used in various industries. For example, the automotive industry which achieves safe driving, the infrastructure industry which supoprt  daily life, and IoT devices which use next generation network such as 5G/LPWA.




Also used in the space industry.

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In the automotive industry, Lithium batteries are mainly used as backup battery for automotive electric components such as Remote Keyless Entry, TPMS and eCall.


 In the infrastructure industry, the batteries are used as main or sub battery for device such as gas and water meters, AED and fire alarms. Some batteries are used as memory backup in manufacturing machines.



 Outdoor machines, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery and water level sensors are equipped with wireless network communications (e.g. LPWA). These machines are often used at the place where the battery replacement is difficult. Therefore, long-life batteries are used for these machines.



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Panasonic has a variety of batteries to meet your request, you can choose appropriate batteries according to the application.




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Safety of Battery


Panasonic confirmed the safety of Lithium Batteries as below.

Safety of Battery

IEC 60086-4 *1 Please contact us.
UL 1642 *2 Please contact us.

UN38.3 Test Summary


*1Some models are certified by in-house testing machines. Please see each model page for details.

*2Panasonic Lithium Batteries are certified by UL and registered as File No.MH12210. But there are some situations which batteries are not certified formally. Please contact Panasonic sales person for details.


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About Tab Terminal Types


Panasonic has a variety of tab terminal shapes to meet your request.

Please note that it will be a customized solution if you need another tab terminal which is not shown on the website.


 Reference : 

 To find the tab terminal by tab shape ⇒ Line up of tab terminal types(by shape)

 To find the tab terminal by battery cell ⇒ Line up of tab terminal types(by cell)



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