MIP6T00MTSCF (NRFND) : AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)

AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)

Parts no

Item Performance characteristics
Product Lifecycle Stage NRFND
Series High Power with small Package Series
Circuit Type Flyback
Control Technology PWM/PFM multi control
Output Power [Reference] (W) 16
Output Current [Reference] (A) -
Drain Withstand Voltage [Min] (V) 700
VIN Withstand Voltage [Min] (V) -
Output Frequency [Typ] (kHz) -
Maximum Output Frequency [Typ] (kHz) 66
Over Current Protection External definition
On-Resistance [Typ] (Ω) 3.8
Over Load Protection Auto-restart
Over Temperature Protection Auto-restart
Output Over Voltage Protection Auto-restart/Latch stop
Package DIP7-A1-B
RoHS (Compliance Certificate) N/A
REACH (Report of Confirmation) N/A