"AMTECLEAN Z" Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent

Silver and Zinc Oxide based inorganic antimicrobial agents (Grade:MK-10,MK-12)
Mixture of a little “Amteclean”In resins,paint,filter,cloth etc.
have enough antimicrobial ability
In various fields (Appliance,Health,Medical, Clean of air and water) is applied

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  • "AMTECLEAN Z" is antimicrobial agents of Ag and Zn compound, and two grade is available depending on usage environment.
  • "AMTECLEAN Z" can combine many kinds of material by using special zinc oxide single-crystal "Pana-Tetra".


"AMTECLEAN Z" Inorganic antimicrobial agent [ Grade & Effect of use ]
Grade Shape Composition Compound matrix
MK-10 White powder Calcium phosphate with silver
compound and "Pana-Tetra"
Paint, Resin
MK-12 White powder Boron-silicate-glass with silver
compound and "Pana-Tetra"
  • Evaluation method : Film contacting Method ( JIS method conforming )
  • Active ingredients : silver and zinc-oxide based compounds
  • Appearance : white powder
  • Packing : 10kg , paper bag


Antimicrobial ability of "AMTECLEAN Z"

Anti mildew of "AMTECLEAN Z"

Testing method
Added a sample to obtain the specified concentration and produced malt agar culture media.
Sampled cultured mold colony, processed under specified conditions, and injected into the malt agar culture media for experiment purposes

JIS Z 2911 Mold resistance test

Photocatalyst Effect of Pana-tetra

Pana-tetra consists of a zinc oxide single crystal in a tetra-pod shape with semiconductor characteristics, and is excited by ultraviolet irradiation to cause electro-chemical decomposition and release electrons, thereby generating electron holes in the valence band and tend to become electrically neutral. This property deprives electrons of nearby organic material by cutting the molecular bond and generates a photocatalyst effect of decomposition.

[Water purification experiment by activating photocatalyst effect]
Evaluation of oxidative decomposition of pigment component in water by photocatalyst effect. The blue pigment Indigo Carmine is used as a color component. Indigo Carmine has large light absorption properties near 610 nm caused by a chromophoric group, and the light absorption is reduced by decomposition and purification of the photocatalyst effect.

Ultraviolet Absorption Characteristics of Pana-tetra

Pana-tetra is a zinc oxide single crystal in a tetra-pod shape with semiconductor characteristics, and the direct transition by electrons' excitation generates sharp absorption from 375 nm, which is equivalent to the band gap, demonstrating the attributes of a good UV absorption material. It also shows high reflection rate over a wide light band from visible light to near infrared, thereby presenting as white color powder.

Application example

1. Antibacterial property Dust collection filter with Pana-Tetra

2. Water purifier parts made of antimicrobial (with "Pana-tetra") resin

Water purifier parts made of antimicrobial (with "Pana-tetra") ABS resin

Water purifier parts made of antimicrobial (with "Pana-tetra") PP resin