Scroll Compressors

Scroll Compressors

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  • Panasonic scroll compressors are dedicated to energy saving. They are designed for quiet operations, yet maintaining the highest efficiency you would expect only from Panasonic. Panasonic scroll compressors are commonly used for air conditioning, heat pumping and commercial refrigerating covering from low to high back pressure applications.

Series Line Up

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump R22 C-SB Series
C-SC Series
C-SBN Series
C-SCN Series
R410A C-SBN/P Series
C-SCP Series
C-SDP Series
Low Temperature Heat Pump R22 C-SB EVI Series
C-SC EVI Series
R407C C-SB EVI Series
C-SC EVI Series
Refrigeration R22 C-SC Series
R404A C-SC Series

Capacity range (HP)

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Selection Software Download

Software Introduction

A scroll selection software is available for download to help customers select the most suitable model for their applications and needs. Detailed technical information can be accessed either by inputting the compressor model or by inputting the various required parameters where the software will automatically find the nearest matching compressors.

■PC version software

■Android version software