Pana-tetra composite rubber


1.Braking power improvement

Braking power improvement of the shoes sole on the ice

Measurement method of Friction coefficient

Applied example of Pana-Tetra

Comparison data of FUTSAL shoes

Applied example:SSK CORPORATION Hummel shoes

Outsole was jointly developed with the "Amtec Company," one of Panasonic's internal venture-capital companies. "Pana-grip® Sole," which delivers high braking performance, is produced by mixing "Pana-tetra," a needle-shaped zinc oxide crystal, with rubber material to obtain a high level of grip.
Compared with the conventional sole, braking power is approx. 1.5 times greater (tested by the company). Using the same principle as a studless tire, the molecular level friction between the "Pana-tetra" mixed in the sole and the floor produces much greater braking power than ever before. When transitioning from stop to the next motion, the body does not flow out and the sole provides stronger hold when turning. In addition, Gattesco, the newly developed floor-gripping sole for transmitting the sole's power combined with Pana-grip®, further increases the stopping and turning performance.

2.Abrasion-resistant improvement effect

3.Addition of Antistatic property

4.Addition of Radio Wave Absorption Characteristics with Pana-tetra Composite

Application example

1.Base Rubber:HNBR

1: Vulcanization test
Condition:150℃ 300min

Vulcanized characteristic is good so that torque is high

Test result
By increase of the Pana-Tetracontent, torque increases in vulcanization time and becomes able to shorten vulcanized time.
For example, in comparing at vulcanized characteristic torque 30 level , it takes 180 minutes for Vulcanization (Pana-Tetra:0), 120 minutes (Pana-Tetra :10), 90 minutes (Pana-Tetra :30), 60 minutes (Pana-Tetra :50),

2:The hardness measurement
JIS A model type Hardness-meter

Test result
By increase of the Pana-Tetra content, hardness properties improve

3:Tensile strength test
Punching a rubber sheet in dumbbell-shaped 3 form and measuring stress when giving specific growth by JIS K 6272.
(100% modulars,⇒ I show tensile stress (tensile strength) at 100% of growth.)

Test result
By increase of the Pana-Tetra content, tensile strength increases.In other words there is a reinforcement effect of the rubber

2.Typical Ingredient combination of Pana-tetra composite Natural rubber