Packaging Assembly


Your Value

  • Downsizing
  • Cost Reduction
  • High Performance
Solution for Value Realization Model
MD-P200 MD-P200US2 MD-P300

(1) High Accuracy Multi Die Bonding

  • Downsizing and material cost down by high accuracy bonding for multi small die
- -

(2) Stacked Die Bonding

  • Downsizing and material cost down by stacked die bonding of single passed production
- -

(3) Flip Chip Bonding

  • Downsizing without wire space
  • High performance and low cost by saving wire length
Products Package
Smartphone • PC • Wearable Device • Automotive • loT Device etc. Processor • Communication Device/Module • Camera Module • LED • Power Device • MEMS • Sensor etc.

(1) High accuracy multi die bonding

Epoxy dispensing before bonding : MD-P200

(2) Stacked Die Bonding by one bonder


Panasonic : MD-P200

Without stock and cure process after 1stBonding

(3) Flip Chip Bonding

Example (process : C4/US)

Example : CSP Packaging Process


Example : Compact Device Packaging Process