Dry Etcher [Solution]

Solutions for LED &Power Device by Dry Etching


• APX300 contributes to high productivity of GaN etching by low damage and high rate processing
• APX300 contributes to high brightness by PSS processing
• Available for 2, 4, 6 inch multi wafer processing

(PSS=Patterned Sapphire Substrate)

Power Device (Si, SiC, GaN)

• Panasonic realizes high performance etching for next gen. power devices

Si Power Devise SiC Power Device GaN Power Device Related Process
Si MOSFET / Super-Junction Si MOSFET / Super-Junction Al / SiO2

Solutions for Communication Device& MEMS・Sensor

SAW Device / High speed Communication Device

• IDT(Inter Digital Transducer)& various metal fine processing
• Thick SiO2 layer & LT/LN etching, APX300 realizes to high productivity by multi-wafer processing
• High rate deep etching of compound semiconductor substrate by high density plasma source
• GaAs scribe & dicing available

MEMS (Piezoelectric, Non-volatile materials, Si)

• Etching of Various materials(Piezo, Non-volatile, Si) such as the gyro, pressure sensors and printer head

Au・Pt electrode Piezoelectric Non-volatile Si
Au / Pt PZT / Pt/PZT/Pt Ru non-Bosch / Bosch