Features (SPV-DC)

Enables high efficiency dual lane production in a compact package

Compact dual lanes

Enables compact dual lane production with front/rear independence to provide a production line that matches customer production needs.

Depth 2 446 mm

High-speed production

Printing the same product on the front and rear printing stages enables the creation of a high-production line. The lane utilization can be enhanced by supplying PC boards from the front and rear stages.

Depth 2 446 mm

Nonstop changeover

The preparation for the next product can be carried out during one-sided stage production, thereby eliminating the time for changeover.

Tact 13.0s/PCB


Provides optimum functions for customer production needs

Paperless cleaning

A cleaning nozzle that does not use paper, cutting down on paper and solvent use.

TCO Reduction

Morene Block

Comes in contact with the mask using magnet repellence to prevent solder side leakage during printing.
Simple construction for easy cleaning.

Maintainability Improvement

Perforated pot type automatic solder supply

Automation of solder supply allows for labor savings and uninterrupted operation.

Productivity Improvement

Mask inspection

Inspects for mask aperture clogging and solder bleed.

Print quality Improvement

PCB pickup blower (switch type)

Printing transcription is improved through the use of blower to create airflow pathways from metal mask to PCB.

Print quality Improvement

Solder inspection

Head camera inspects for solder displacement, bridging, streaking, and bleeding.

Print quality Improvement


M2M Line solution

APC correction data

0402 parts : Without printing position correction / With printing position correction

According to the correction data of shifted printing positions analyzed by solder paste inspection (APC correction data), it corrects printing positions(X ,Y ,θ).
*3D inspection equipment of other companies can also be connected.

* Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.

Connect with upper system(LNB,LWS ...)

  • Automatic changeover
  • Component verification (solder/mask/squeegee ...)
  • Trace data output

*About the specification and system configuration,please refer to the“Specification"for details.