Features (NPM-VF)

Odd-form Component Insertion Machine NPM-VF

Applicable Components

Support for SMT components

Supported range

Supported range of the tape feeder
Embossed tape: 12 to 104 mm
Intelligent tape feeder

Intelligent tape feeder

The multi-recognition camera is selectable from both types 1 (standard specs) and 3 (3D measurement function-ready). (Option)
Examples of applicable components Outline Height Minimum lead pitch /
minimum ball pitch
Minimum lead width /
minimum ball diameter
Minimum ball height
QFP • SOP □5 mm ~ 1.0 mm ~ 0.5 mm 0.2 mm -
BGA • CSP □5 mm ~ 0.3 mm ~ 0.5 mm 0.3 mm 0.25 mm

Line Solution

Reduce manual insertion assembly process
Prevent human errors, improve quality

Discrete Components Assembly

Convert manual insertion process to SMT inline process
Reduce processes / dip solder investment

SMT placement and odd-form components assembly


High Productivity

High speed insertion

Maximum tact of 0.65 s* is achieved by 2-beam 2-head structure. Compared to manual insertion, 1 NPM-VF is able to replace 3 to 5 operators. In addition, each head can hold up to 3 tools (chucks, nozzles), enabling effective movement of the insertion heads.

*Note : Under condition specified by PSFS

Front Head / Rear Head

Non-stop Production

Stackable stick feeder

Sticks can be loaded during machine operation, reducing machine down time due to component exhaust

Tray feeder

Tray pallets can be replenished during machine operation

Variable pitch body chuck

Motorized body chuck varies chuck opening according to component size, greatly reducing dead space, chuck exchange time and increasing productivity.

Chuck width is optimized to suit component width


Adapters can be attached to chuck tips for better gripping of components



Various tools to cater to different components

Body chuck

  • Chuck Adapter changer available
  • Push force up to 100N


  • Nozzle changer available
  • Push force up to 100N

Lead chuck

Swing nozzle

Various component feeding types

Tray Feeder

Stick Feeder

  • Feeder width adjustable according to stick size

Radial Tape Feeder

*Other maker’s feeder is available when connecting via Host Feeder. Please contact us for details.

Bowl Feeder*

*Customized spec. (Connect via Host Feeder)


Flexible feeder configuration

*1 feeder cart is selectable
*2 bowl feeder is customized spec. Can also be placed to the front. For details, contact us.

Feeder cart

Single tray feeder

Twin tray feeder


Quality Insertion

Recognition correction and component inspection function

NPM-VF is equipped with 2 cameras (head camera and component camera) to scan PCB holes, PCB marks and component leads, ensuring high quality and stable insertion.

Head camera/Component camera

Component verification & Traceability (Option)

Prevents setting mistakes when exchanging parts and supports fabrication history management.

Insertion error detection system

Component height will be detected via sensor after insertion to determine if it is inserted correctly.

Normal Insertion / Insertion error

*It may not be possible to detect when component lead is too soft and would not support itself.

Recovery Operation

In the case of insertion error, PCB will automatically be flowed to the upstream extension conveyor for the operator to remove the error components.

Cut & Clinch Function (Option)

Function : prevent protrusion of components after insertion, improving insertion stability

Features :
variable pitch clinch (2.5~40 mm) with piezoelectric detection system for insertion errors