Features (LPS-C)

Laser Marking Machine LPS-C

Basic Specification

Laser Specification

High Quality

Capable of high precision marking with minimum cell size of 0.1mm × 0.1mm.
Recognition of PCB mark, and automatically corrects X-Y coordinates before marking

High Speed Marking

High marking speed of 0.3s/mark *1

Power Saving

Equipped with 5 watts low power laser for lower Electricity consumption

Minimum Cell Size / Code size and volume information (reference example)

*1:Example of 2.2 mm square 2-dimensional code printing (depending on condition)
*2:Maximum number of alphanumeric characters


Improve Quality Control in Production.

Durable Marking

Eliminates wear and tear (smudges, peel-off) issues

Automated Serialization

To avoid issue of wrong or duplicated serial number


Reduce TCO * *TCO:Total Cost of Ownership   The total cost of machine purchasing, maintenance and management

Material Cost Reduction

Eliminates high cost of material for ink and labels

Operator Cost Reduction

Eliminates manpower cost for operating of label printer and label pasting



Marking Code Verification

Marking results can be verified by handheld scanner or direct code scanner

Data Export

Marking data and verification information can be stored and exported via LAN and SD Card.

Off Line Editor

Allows for offline editing of marking coordinates and marking conditions