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Welcome to Panasonic Cross Reference !

Before starting, please read and understand the following precaution.

Before you get started, please understand carefully that although some interchangeability of products exists among similar components from different manufacturers, as the basic technical information provided in this guide is likely to be insufficient to establish a firm basis for a decision to use the suggested equivalent Panasonic product, it is strongly recommended that more detailed specifications be carefully and thoroughly reviewed and that samples be qualified before using cross-referred components. Also, please confirm local market availability.
The electronic components contained in this site are primarily designed and produced for such general electronic equipment as audio equipment, visual equipment, home electric appliances, office equipment, and information/communication equipment. Therefore, if you wish to use them in medical equipment, aircraft, space equipment, security systems, or other similar equipment that requires high safety, confirmation of their suitability for use must be established with your own testing.
In addition, regardless of the intended application, if high safety is required, designers and manufacturers must each establish their own protective and/or redundant measures and safety testing procedures.
Regardless of the intended application, you will need to ask for our detailed technical specifications describing the details of the component and to make sure to confirm suitability for yourself.
Technical information in this catalog is intended to convey examples of typical performance and/or applications and is not intended to convey patent rights, if any. For the products that are controlled items and subject to Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Laws, export permission required by Law is necessary. The information provided here may be changed or revised without prior notice. Therefore, please be sure to reconfirm the information shown in this catalog before designing and/or purchasing.
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Global Home Business > Industrial Devices > Cross Reference