DMC96401 : Transistors with Built-in Resistor

: Transistors with Built-in Resistor : DMC96401
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ItemPerformance characteristics
seriesComposite Transistor with Built-in Resistors (NPN x 2 Series)
Tr1 VCEO [Max] (V)50
Tr1 IC [Max] (mA)100
Tr2 VCEO [Max] (V)50
Tr2 IC [Max] (mA)100
Tr1 Input Resistor (R1) (kOhm)10
Tr2 Base-Emitter Resistor (R2) (kOhm)10
Tr2 Input Resistor (R1) (kOhm)10
Tr1 Base-Emitter Resistor (R2) (kOhm)10
RoHS compliant *1RoHS compliant (Please refer to the Related Information.)
REACH compliant *2SVHC non-inclusion (Please refer to the Related Information.)
Halogen FreeYes