FG694301 : Small Signal MOSFETs

: Small Signal MOSFETs : FG694301
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ItemPerformance characteristics
seriesComposite MOS FETs (Small Signal)
FET1 VDSS [Max] (V)30
FET1 ID [Max] (A)0.1
FET2 VDSS [Max] (V)-30
FET2 ID [Max] (A)-0.1
FET1 IDSS [Max] (uA)1
FET1 RDS(on)@VGS=2.5V [Max] (mOhm)6000
FET1 RDS(on)@VGS=4.5V [Max] (mOhm)-
FET1 RDS(on)@VGS=10V [Max] (mOhm)-
FET1 Ciss [Typ] (pF)12
FET2 IDSS [Max] (uA)-1
FET2 RDS(on)@VGS=2.5V [Max] (mOhm)17000
FET2 Ciss [Typ] (pF)12
RoHS compliant *1RoHS compliant (Please refer to the Related Information.)
REACH compliant *2SVHC non-inclusion (Please refer to the Related Information.)
Halogen FreeYes