Motors for Automotive

Motors for Automotive

  1. Advanced automotive technologies are seeking human & environmental conscious. Panasonic contributes to the technologies by high efficiency motor.

Product features


Models 6 7 97LM 97LW 9V
Types Small Dia. Small Dia. Middle output High output W/drain
Application Compact motorcycle Motorcycle Motorcycle Automobile Motorcycle Automobile Buggy
Rated input 24W 67W 89W 100W 56W
Rated speed 4,200r/min 3,850r/min 2,700r/min 2,500r/min 3,650r/min
Rated torque 0.03N-m 0.10N-m 0.20N-m 0.25N-m 0.12N-m
Weight 210g 336g 575g 710g 490g
Life 1,000hr 1000hr 1,000hr 2,000hr 1,000hr


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