Compact AC Geared Motors

Compact AC Geared Motors

  1. Panasonic's compact geared motors come in a broad lineup, including induction, reversible, electromagnetic brakes-attached or biaxial cylindrical shaft types.
  2. All the types are compliant with overseas regulations and RoHS directives.

Product features

Shin-G Series
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Shin-G Series


Low noise type, Wide range of motor variation, 2006 released



Overall [PDF:9,660KB] Aug 26, 2015 UP



Overall (Motor) [PDF:517KB]
Safety (Gear Head) [PDF:708KB] Sep 9, 2014 UP
Speed Controller MGSD Series [PDF:2,266KB] Jun 8, 2015 UP
Brake Unit MB48 Series [PDF:1,189KB]


Reference Document


The rotation direction is between G and Shin-G series [PDF:95KB] Apr .22, 2014 UP


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