EEEFPA221XAP : FP-V (High temp. reflow)

: FP-V (High temp. reflow) : EEEFPA221XAP
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ItemPerformance characteristics
Tolerance on capacitance-20 to 20 %
Tangent of loss angle(max.)0.19
Leakage current(max.)22 micro A
Lead(terminal) pitch-
Rated ripple current-1(unit)mA r.m.s.(root mean square)
Impedance-1(max. value)-
E.S.R.-2(max. value)-
AppearanceSheathless(metal case)
Quantity(min. packaging unit)900 PCS.
Body shapeSurface mount type (vertical mount style)
Polarty typePolar
Rated voltage10 V
Capacitance220 micro F
Category temperature range-55 to 105 Cel
Body diameter6.3 mm
Body length7.7 mm
Rated ripple current-1(freq.)100000 Hz
Rated ripple current-1600 mA
Endurance2000 h
Forming & packaging featureEmbossed carrier taping(reel packing)