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Panasonic and Technics are brand names for Panasonic Corporation (PC), one of the World's largest manufactures of industrial and consumer electronics and ranked 5th on the Fortune 500 Electronics & Electrical Equipment Index in 2008.


Panasonic has been operating in Europe since 1962, when it established its first sales office in Hamburg, Germany. The company's presence has increased throughout Europe following major investment programmes in manufacturing and sales operations. Panasonic now employs nearly 8,000 people in manufacturing, sales, R&D and support companies throughout Europe.


The name Panasonic is synonymous with innovation, quality, performance and reliability. Products sold under the Panasonic brand in Europe include:

Consumer products

Colour TVs, DVD players, Home Cinema Systems, VCRs, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Home & Portable Audio Equipment, Car Entertainment Systems, Vacuum Cleaners and Microwave Ovens.

Business systems

GSM Mobile Phones, Fax machines, Photocopiers, Laptop PCs, Monitors, Printers and PBX telephone systems.

Industrial products

Assembly Robots, Automated Chip Insertion Machinery, passive and active components, computer peripherals, automotive electronics, semiconductors, factory automation robots and equipment and batteries.

Broadcast products

Panasonic Broadcast is a major player in the world of professional video technology, broadcast and industrial operations. Worldwide, thousands of television stations, networks and studios have chosen Panasonic broadcast equipment.


The popular Technics brand covers high-end consumer Hi-Fi & home theatre products. Technics DJ turntables in particular, have developed something of a cult following in Europe and around the world in recent years. Products sold under the Technics brand in Europe include:

Technics Consumer Products

DJ Turntables, Amplifiers, Receivers, DVD Players, CD Players, Mini-disc players, Tuners, Speakers and Mini & Micro Hi-Fi Systems.

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